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How to over come from adsense ban

Google AdSense is a great program for people who want to make money from their websites. There are many successful stories of people making thousands of dollars a day and there are many stories of people making an average income. If you already have an account with Google AdSense then congratulations because it's not that easy to get approved! The important thing is how to keep your account approved and not get banned.

Thousands of users complain that they got banned from the program and lost their accounts with some good money in it and claim they did nothing wrong!? well Google is a big company and they have a reputation to look after so I'm sure they won't banned anyone without a reason, I'm sure that many of who got banned never read the TOS that Google AdSense made clear!

Enough talking about those who got banned so I'll start talking about HOW NOT TO GET BANNED FROM GOOGLE ADSENSE:

The number one reason that users get banned is fraud clicks, never click on your own ads and if you accidentally click on your ads which happens with many of us send a report explaining that you accidentally clicked on your ads so they don't think you're trying to do something fishy.

Copyrighted material is probably the number two reason that users get banned, you're only harming yourself by talking other peoples material and publishing it in your website it will get you banned from search engines which would mean no traffic and it will get you banned from AdSense.

Make sure of what you publish in your website, Don't write about guns, porn, drugs, alcohol, hacking, violent, gambling, etc. because that will get you banned in no time.

Those are the main reason users get banned from Google AdSense so make sure you avoid them and for more information read the Google AdSense TOS and this article.

How To Get instant Adwords coupons

Upon establishing your presence in the internet by creating your website, the next thing to do is promote to have higher ranking and better popularity. There are many ways to promote a website: you can have the organic way of acquiring traffic like using different SEO strategies or paid advertisements.

If you are want to get visible results in no time, then Google AdWords is the one for you. It is a pay per click (PPC) platform developed by the popular search engine to provide better ad placement services to advertisers.

Basically, Google AdWords is composed of text lines for an ad copy that usually appears on the right side of related search result pages. It easily boosts your website's popularity as your ads are easily visible.

It might cost you a bit as you pay for every click made on your ad copy but other online marketers who are using this platform for quite some time now have a technique on how to save on the marketing cost. And this is by availing a Google AdWords coupon.

A Google AdWords coupon is a voucher that offers discounted or even free services that let you save big time on the PPC program. Usually, the banners that are regularly used will be replaced by keywords.

To avail a Google AdWords coupon, all you have to do is find websites through the use of search engines that give away such coupons for free.

However, these websites give the coupons for free but along with a purchase so you will still be spending some money. But if you find the product interesting, then you can do some calculations and when you have proven that you can still save with what the site offers, you can do the purchase and enjoy the Google AdWords coupon.

You can also join a business network that uses Google AdWords. Being a member of such network, you can also avail the incentives that Google provides to the whole network.

To utilize your Google AdWords coupon, you must ensure that your site is interesting and worthy of visit. If it is, then you can offer Google to use several parts of your site to be used as advertising space.

But make sure that your website has been established for quite some time now and has already earned a number of followers so you can assure them that the ads posted will get good number of clicks. Moreover, having an interesting website can lure more people visiting your site thus making the ads more visible - remember that people become interested once you are able to stir their curiosity.

How to apply second time For an Adsense Account?

Google follows strict policies for AdSense Publishers. If you violate any of those TOS then your account will be banned from Google Adsense. Once they ban your account it is very difficult or almost impossible to get your account back into action. Only if you have a complete proof that you haven't violated their rules there are a few chances to get your account back. Submit those stats and proof to them for consideration. If Google feels that you are correct you might get your account back.

Once they disagree with your proof do not approach them again. According to Google TOS once your account is banned you can never re-apply for your lifetime.

Even if you try to re-apply for an AdSense account using different e-mail address you will be caught. Google has an excellent tracking system and you can never cheat them. Even if you re-apply with a new address or web-site you won't be approved. Google checks its banned publisher's database before approving any new accounts.

So never try to cheat the Search King Google. They are the best in tracking and they will find you by any means.

Still there is one way to "Re-Apply for an AdSense Account even if you have been already banned from them."

Remember Google only bans AdSense publisher account and not their web-sites. One legal trick or method to re-apply your AdSense account is to use your friend's name.

Consider you have a web-site like "" on which you have used your AdSense ads. After your account has been disabled the first thing to do is try convincing Google that you have not violated their terms using suitable proof. If this doesn't work then go the other way.

It's time take the help of your friend. Create a blogger account with his Google account and apply for AdSense program in his name and in his address. Now Google will easily approve his account. Then get the permission from your friend to use his AdSense publisher id in your website which is "". Now as per Google TOS you can use your AdSense ads on any number of sites once your account is approved. So you again make money from adsense.But you will be getting the cheque in your friend's name. Make sure you have very good understanding with him and so you get your percent of income from him.

If your friend has no web-site then no problem you can get all the money provided you explain everything to him and get his permission.

That's it! You have successfully re-applied for AdSense Account. Make sure that you don't violate their terms again and get more problems for your friend.

Adsense Account Approvals

Over and over I get more and more emails asking me what is the easiest way to get AdSense account approval. I get these emails because I have built up trusted followers who believe in what I say and I don't try and sell things that I don't believe in. Anyways at this point that doesn't really matter because what you are really here for is some information on getting approved into the Google AdSense world.

At the end of the day too many people make too many things too difficult when trying to get AdSense account approval. They go to too many extremes and end up making themselves look like amateurs who will never get traffic to a website. AdSense really isn't as hard to get approved for as some people might like to think.

Many people will try and sell you tons of black hat techniques for everything to do with AdSense but at the end of the day I warn you very sternly to stay away from black hat because this will get your account banned before you can say one dollar click.

Anyways you are going to be surprised when I tell you the very short version of getting your AdSense account approval. All you need to do is take the time and effort to build a nice blogger blog. Once the blog is built you need about 4 or 5 great quality, and original posts and that's about it. In most cases it really is that easy.

I am not saying this will work 100% of the time but anyone I have helped almost always gets approved. You will not get approved if the content is copied or garbage. You do need to take the time to decide on a niche which Google thinks it can sell advertising for and at the end of the day that is really easy because there are easily 10s of thousands of great niches that will work.

For the last several years dale has been building a business by helping people. He doesn't just talk about it and then try and sell you some program that isn't worth the paper it is written on.

He takes great pride in being able to provide thousands of tips through out the last few years to help people move on with their internet money making experience.

He has taught himself and lived through the mistakes. He also hopes you will follow along and try not to make the same mistakes he made.

How to use Adsense Account

As an AdSense publisher, you must always face the risk of being banned because of invalid clicks and other reaons. What can you do in order to keep your account safe? Apart from using tacker, sitemeters, adloggers and other online trackers, there are something that you can do by yourself. I will list put some rules below to remind all of you how to keep your AdSense account in good condition, and not be flagged by Google. Additionally, following these simple rules will help keep your account in good standing:

- Don't click on your own Google ads

Clicking on Google ads on your own site for any reason is strictly prohibited. If you'd like more information about one of the advertisers appearing on your site, please type the URL of the ad directly into your browser's address bar, or use the - Don't ask others to click on Google ads.

Users should click on Google ads because they're interested in the services being advertised. Encouraging users to click on your Google ads, either directly or indirectly, can lead to inflated advertiser costs and can cause your account to be disabled.

- Don't employ pop-up prompts or automatic software installations.

Google is dedicated to improving the user experience on the Internet, and promoting responsible software principles is part of that effort. Sites showing Google ads may not prompt users to install software on their machines. Publishers must also not attempt to change users' browser home pages automatically or via pop-up prompts.

- Be aware of how your site is promoted.
Pages showing Google ads may never be loaded in an unrequested pop-up. This means publishers need to be very careful when purchasing traffic or setting up ad campaigns with third parties. Before contracting with any ad network, you should ensure that they will never display your site in pop-ups or as a result of the actions of any software application.

- Don't place Google ads on sites that contain prohibited content.

Google ads may not be displayed alongside any type of content prohibited by Google Adsnese's program policies, including adult or mature content, gambling-related content, or drug content. It's your responsibility to ensure that all of your pages adhere to these policies. One of my essay site was banned because my site does not fulfill their requirement of sites.

- Respect Google trademarks.

This is a tricky one. Many publishers do not know too much for this policy, and get banned by this. Framing or mimicking Google pages is strictly prohibited by our Guidelines for Use of Google Brand Features. In addition, publishers may not use any Google Brand Features such as Google trademarks, logos, web pages or screen shots, without prior consent from Google. Apart from that, no publishers can put AdSense ads on a site with domain that include the words "google", or "adsense".

- Don't tamper with the AdSense code.

AdSense offers a wide variety of approved formats, colors, and features in your AdSense account. Once you've generated your code, however, we ask that you do not alter any portion of the code or change the layout, behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads for any reason, unless specifically authorized to do so by Google.

- Provide a positive user experience.

Sites that contain excessive pop-ups, use sneaky redirects to obtain traffic, or otherwise attempt to interfere with normal web navigation aren't permitted in the AdSense network. Please make sure your site doesn't deceive your users in any way. Also, every AdSense publisher is required to adhere to the Webmaster Guidelines on quality to ensure that their site provides a positive user experience.

- Provide a good environment for advertisers.

Sites showing Google ads should not present a poor opportunity for advertisers. Sites that use tricks or deceptive practices in order to trigger inadvertent clicks on ads are prohibited.

- Be responsive.

Publishers are asked to be responsive to emails sent by the AdSense team. Be sure to keep your email address up-to-date, in case we ever need to contact you about your account. To update your email address, you may need to contact Google immediately.

How to Protect Your Adsense Account

The email you never, ever want to receive is one telling you that you have been banned from the Google AdSense program. The reason for this is that often as not the ban is not temporary (Although temporary or even partial bans do exist), but very permanent.

So what, you may think? I will just apply for another account. Well firstly it is the website they ban as well as the account, so even if you get another account, or decide to sell it to someone else, then you nor anyone else can ever run AdSense on it again. You can place new code on the site but the ads simply will not show up.

You may think you are smarter than Google and use a friends AdSense code, but as I say they ban the website from the program and not just you. This means the site is worthless, as you cannot sell it to someone, as they too will never be able to run AdSense on it.

So as you can see the ban is very permanent and should be avoided at all costs.

Secondly in thinking that you can apply for another AdSense account then think again. As part of the Google Terms Of Service (TOS) that you signed up to when you joined the AdSense program, you actually have signed a legally binding agreement that prevents you from re-applying for another account if you are banned from the program.

Many people who are banned fail to realise that in trying to re-apply they are breaking the terms of the legally binding agreement that they signed up to when first applying. So by re-applying you could find yourself being sued, or even taken to court for attempted fraud.

Yet so many people fail to realise this, yet the implications are such that should they choose to do so Google could sue you or you could face criminal charges for attempted fraud, but people still take the risk and often fail as they realise that it is a little hard to get another account without changing your name, address or bank account details all of which cannot easily be changed.

Some people try by using their own name but a friends address, yet still apply with the same email address, or they apply with their partners name, and the same address, all of which Google are wise to and you will find all such accounts get rejected, or banned again very shortly after the account is approved.

The moral of this story is do not get banned.

The author has a great many years AdSense experience and offers a comprehensive guide on getting a new Google AdSense Account []. This report includes what you absolutely need to do when applying for a new AdSense account to make sure that your site complies with Google AdSenses Terms Of Service before applying.